Global Efforts

Seven cities in the U.S. have lowered the voting age to 16. Some states have allowed voting at age 17 for primary elections if they will turn 18 before the general election. There are various other state and city campaigns to lower the voting age to 16 for local elections; this is what Vote16HI is working towards. 

Other countries have lowered the voting age and have seen success with their voter turnout and youth engagement. Austria was the first country to do so back in 2007. More countries have followed suit, some having conditions such as being married or being employed. Nevertheless, the global effort is growing and we hope that Hawai'i will soon join the list of U.S. places that have given 16 and 17-year-old youths the right to vote.

 January, 2021 

The Mount Rainier City Council unanimously passed to lower the voting age to 16 bringing the total to 5 municipalities in the U.S.

 May, 2018

Riverdale Park, MD expanded voting rights regardless of citizenship status, lowered the voting age to 16, and now provides same-day voter registration for municipal elections.

 November, 2020

 Measure QQ passed, giving Oakland, CA youth the right to vote in elections of future school board members and directors

 January, 2018 

Majority support of a non-binding referendum has lowered the voting age to 16 for all local elections in Greenbelt, MD.

 November, 2016 

Berkley, CA overwhelmingly supported Measure Y1, which lowers the voting age for school board elections.

 January, 2015

Hyattsville, MD has amended  their city charter to allow for youth to vote in all local elections.

May, 2013

Takoma Park City Council passed various city charter amendments related to voting and election laws, including lowering the voting age to 16 for local elections.

U.S. Campaigns

International Successes

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